Gondola Shelving


All prices related to this product exclude shipping/delivery and installation. Please check the product description for transportation options.


All prices related to this product exclude shipping/delivery and installation.

We offer x3 types of transportation:

Business to Business
(Forklift required at your destination). Second Cheapest Option.

Nearest Carrier Depot
(You will need to pick-up with either UTE or trailer from the carrier nearest to you). Cheapest option.

Home Delivery
(Normally the most expensive) as it may need a special vehicle that offers side unload or rear tailgate.

Once a quote has been received by our team, we will be in contact to advise on freight costs and any other related items or special requirements.

Please advise if you wish to use our delivery and installation service too.

We service Australia wide.

Heights: 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mmH
Base Depth: 450mm base shelf, plus 70mm upright post depth
Adjustable Shelf Depth: 450mm, 400mm & 350mm deep
Bay width: 900mm
Configuration: Single & Double Sided options available in first or add-on bays
Shelf load capacity in flat position parallel to floor: 80kg UDL/level
Bay Capacity when properly levelled: 240kg UDL/bay per side
Adjustable shelves: Note: 400mm Shelf is considered as a standard depth for raised shelves and all pricing online is based on a 400mmD raised shelf.
If you require different to this please enquire here. All raised shelves can be moved in 50mm increments, and there is a tilt option on the shelf which allows the shelf to tilt forward approximately 15deg. In this case mesh fronts are always required to prevent items from sliding off the shelf.
Colour: White – Stock available in Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth warehouses

Black – Stock  available from Melbourne warehouse only

Engineer review of load capacities: Latest engineer review completed 13th April 2023
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